We Sow the Future

Panemas supports, enables and empowers smallholder farmers in Indonesia, where ...

What We Do

We enable smallholder farmers to achieve the best possible yields at the lowest possible financial, social and environmental cost

Because we work with the highest quality seeds, Panemas is able to supply farmers with optimal-yielding and disease-free seeds and seedlings so that they can maximise their harvests – at competitive prices

Not only do we expose our employees and our customers to better machinery and tools on our Panemas farms and nurseries, through our product partnerships we make advanced technology more widely avaialable

On our Panemas farms and nurseries, the local community learns how to maximise yields whilst minimising the impact on the environment, and we reach a larger audience through our online communities of farmers across Indonesia

By pooling together the supply of the farmers that Panemas works with, we help them take advantage of the scale of our network to get better deals

Farms & Nurseries


We are always looking to partner with companies or individuals who can help us in our mission to advance smallholder farmers in Indonesia

Academic Partnership

  • Agricultural research
  • Internships & Job Placements
  • Education

Business Partnership

  • Seed Cultivation
  • Product Distribution
  • Dedicated Product Supply

Contact us to explore partnership opportunities

Our Impact

Empowering Women

Panemas is committed to making agriculture – a predominantly male-centric industry in Indonesia – more inclusive by making sure at least 50% of our labour force are local women

Improving Livelihoods

Panemas ensures our plant materials – seeds and seedlings – are of the highest quality, enabling smallholder farmers to significantly improve their yields whilst reducing the risk of harvest loss

Advancing Agriculture

Panemas introduces new technology and  supports the smallholder farmers we work with through knowledge transfer and improved ways of working to make them more competitive with the larger agriculture players

Practicing Sustainability

Panemas minimises its impact on the environment through best-in-class agricultural practices such as integrated pest management and smart irrigation.  Furthermore, our high-quality plant materials require less fertiliser

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